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Objective-C Tidy

I have a somewhat messily-formatted Objective-C code base. Is there a way to have Xcode reformat an entire project to conform to a coding standard (i.e., properly indent, spaces v. tabs, etc.)? Are there other tools that might accomplish this?

macOS 'wchar.h' File Not Found

Under OS X 10.9.5 using XCode 6.0.1 I am running into the following issue when I try to run make from the terminal: fatal error: ‘wchar.h’ file not found This issue was not happening prior to a recent upgrade to Mavericks.

I want to get the Location name from the Coordinate value in MapKit for iPhone

I want to get the location name from the coordinate value. Here is code, – (void)viewWillAppear:(BOOL)animated { CLLocationCoordinate2D zoomLocation; zoomLocation.latitude = 39.281516; zoomLocation.longitude= -76.580806; MKCoordinateRegion viewRegion = MKCoordinateRegionMakeWithDistance(zoomLocation, 0.5*METERS_PER_MILE, 0.5*METERS_PER_MILE); MKCoordinateRegion adjustedRegion = [_mapView regionThatFits:viewRegion]; [_mapView setRegion:adjustedRegion animated:YES]; } So, From that Latitude and longitude , i want to know that location name.

iPhone Dev: Xcode debugger does not stop on breakpoints

I’ve got Xcode 3.1.2 on OS X 10.5.5. I have an iPhone project that builds fine but the debugger will not hit any of the breakpoints I set. I’ve tried all the standard fixes that I find on the net: I’ve turned off ‘Load Symbols Lazily’ in Xcode preferences My active config is Debug Optimization […]

I need to inspect the view hierarchy on an iPhone program

How do I determine what the view structure on my iPhone program while running on the simulator?

Rename or refactor files in Xcode

Is it possible to rename/refactor a class file and have it rename the actual file on disk? If so, how can I do this?

Tell AppleScript To Build XCode Project

The following are the steps I would like to have: launch xcode open a specific xcodeproj file build and debug it quit xcode The following is my first attempt to write AppleScript: tell application “Xcode” tell project “iphone_manual_client” debug end tell close project “iphone_manual_client” end tell This only works when xcode has this project opened. […]

javascript event Handler in uiwebview

I am displaying one UIWebView in my iPhone application. In UIWebView I am displaying HTML page which has JavaScript also. I want to call method(of X Code) when one button is clicked in HTML page. How can I do this. Thanks

How to simulate the Local Notification in apple Watch App?

I am trying to simulate the local notification view in apple watch simulator. Does any one known how to simulate the local notifications in apple watch ? I have done some research for that but didn’t found any answer for the above. There is a way to simulate the PUSH NOTIFICATION but not for the […]

Why does instantiating a UIFont in an iphone unit test cause a crash?

I’m trying to unit test some iphone code that instantiates fonts. I’ve narrowed it down to the following crashing unit test: #import “test.h” #import <UIKit/UIKit.h> @implementation test – (void)testFonts { [UIFont systemFontOfSize:12]; } @end This crashes with the error: Test Case ‘-[test testFonts]’ started. /Developer/Tools/RunPlatformUnitTests.include: line 415: 79768 Trace/BPT trap “${THIN_TEST_RIG}” “${OTHER_TEST_FLAGS}” “${TEST_BUNDLE_PATH}” /Developer/Tools/RunPlatformUnitTests.include:451: error: […]