Access ViewController in iOS-Native Extension for Adobe Air

The Android-API for Air-Native-Extensions provides a getActivity() on the Context-Object.
I am looking for a way, to get the current ViewController in iOS-Native-Extensions

We need to extend Air with more than just some iOS-API-Calls to access vibration etc, but want to display a View (MPMediaPickerController to select a File from the iTunes library). In the Keynote to native extensions on Adobe MAX 2011 ( Oliver Goldman said, it is okay to show complete Views by using native extensions.
To show the MPMediaPickerController (or any other View), I need to call presentModalViewController on the current ViewController or need access to the Navigation Controller.
I hoped there is a way to get a pointer to the controller somehow, but I have not found any documentaion about it.

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    You can use this piece of code. It works.

    UIViewController * myViewController;
    id delegate = [[UIApplication sharedApplication] delegate];
    UIWindow * win = [delegate window];
    myViewController = [[MyView alloc] init];
    // CGRect rect = CGRectMake(x,y,w,h);
    // init the view position some how  myViewController.viewFrame = rect;
    [win addSubview:myViewController.view];

    Hope this helps.