Ambiguous use of 'subscript' with NSArray & JSON

I have looked through the similar topics in stackoverflow but none of those solutions seem to work for me.

I have an app that fetch video through youtube API . The following code is giving the error.

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  • var arrayOfVideos = [Video]()
    // I am getting the error for the following line and it says "Ambiguous use of 'subscript'.
    for video in JSON["items"] as! NSArray {
        let videoObj = Video()
        videoObj.videoId = video.valueForKeyPath("snippet.resourceId.videoId") as! String
        videoObj.videoTitle = video.valueForKeyPath("snippet.title") as! String
        videoObj.videoDescription = video.valueForKeyPath("snippet.description") as! String
        videoObj.videoThumbnailUrl = video.valueForKeyPath("snippet.thumbnails.high.url") as! String

    I have also a class called Video where I define the Id, Title and etc… The above code refers here.

    class Video: NSObject {
        var videoId:String = ""
        var videoTitle:String = ""
        var videoDescription:String = ""
        var videoThumbnailUrl:String = ""

    I have tried to solve it by checking the link/suggestions below but it didn’t work for me. I cannot seem to find the missing part.

    Ambiguous Use of Subscript in Swift

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    The problem here is almost certainly that your JSON is defined as a type that could be an array or a dictionary. With Xcode 7.1 ambiguity enforcement was levelled up, so you need to explicitly cast it to something that can be subscripted by a string. This should sort you nicely:

    for video in (JSON as! NSDictionary)["items"] as! NSArray