App get Rejected: crashes on launch , but worked fine for me on all devices as well

My app is for the iPhone only .And it is working fine on all devices but when submitted the app it get rejected by apple by saying …….

On 1st time submission

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  • We found your app crashed on launch so we were unable to review it.
    Please revise your app and test it on a device to ensure it will launch without crashing, and that it runs as expected, before resubmitting.

    this the crash report link please
    this is the crash report

    crash report

    on second submission it get rejected they says

    Thank you for your resubmission. However, we were still unable to review your app, as it crashed on launch. We have attached detailed crash logs to help troubleshoot this issue.
    Specifically, upon review we found the application will shortly crash after launch. 

    they send crash report

    on second time submission

    on second time submission

    I didn’t get where i am doing wrong ,please check this ,Thanks in advance

    I also try Bhavin step to find the crash location but terminal show’s me like that

    enter image description here

    2 Solutions Collect From Internet About “App get Rejected: crashes on launch , but worked fine for me on all devices as well”

    Follow these steps :

    1. Get the .ipa file that you submitted to the app store.
    2. Rename the extention .ipa with .zip , extract it. You’ll get a Payload Folder which contains .app file.
    3. Create a folder with this .app file and crash log file.
    4. Now, open terminal application and go to the folder created in above step (using cd command).
    5. Run this magic line :

      atos -arch armv7 -o MEMORY_LOCATION_OF_CRASH

    Where, MEMORY_LOCATION_OF_CRASH = location where your app crashed as
    per the report.

    It’ll give you the exact line, method name which resulted in crash.

    I found the solution. We can just directly drag and drop the crash-report on the device log.
    Then it will convert the crash report into readable format.


    1. Attach your device to mac.
    2. Open Xcode
    3. Goto window from menu bar
    4. Click on devices like this

    enter image description here

    1. Now, drag and drop your crash report you received from apple. It will symbolicate it and show you in readable format.