App installation failed

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I solved it by uninstalling(removing) the application from device manually and Run xcode application again. It will work.

I had this problem. Solution is to uninstall the app. Then clean project and then install app.

Try editing the scheme of app. Set Run and Archive to debug not release. I was able to solve by this process.

I have had this happen to me about 3 times since moving to Beta 5 and Xcode beta 5. I usually navigate to my Organizer and select Projects. Find your project on the left and delete it. Next I close Xcode and restart both my Mac and my Testing Device! Has helped every time!

My solution which worked for me was to remove a symbolic link file referenced from a an directory entry an in my Build Phases->Copy Bundle Resources section. I had inadvertently placed the symbolic link there.

Deleting the derived data folder worked for me.

I got this error when using Xcode 9 beta, the problem was that I was trying to run an app on an iPhone 7 targeting armv7 instead of arm64.

This issue was not easy to track because I was building the app from Unity, so check the architecture configuration whenever you get this message.

Problem: Few times, if you add app extension where you have file and info plist, extension’s file and plist are assigned to target, is wrong causes issue rises.
Solution: Extension’s all file should be assigned in App Extensions target, and info plist should not be assigned to any target.

Add an exception breakpoint. Go to the “Breakpoint Navigator”, click on the “+” at the bottom left, select “Add Exception Breakpoint.” Run the app to get the breakpoint. When you hit the exception breakpoint click debug continue a couple of times and you will get a backtrace and more error info. Post that and an exact copy of Xcode/Debugger messages.