AppStore – App status is ready for sale, but not in app store

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After your app status changes to ‘Ready for Sale’ you will get official mail from Apple. The mail itself states that it might take 24 hours before your App is available on AppStore.
If it takes more than days then contact Apple.

Refer below screenshot.


You have to go to the “Pricing” menu. Even if the availability date is in the past, sometimes you have to set it again for today’s date. Apple doesn’t tell you to do this, but I found that the app goes live after resetting the dates again, especially if there’s been app rejections in the past. I guess it messes up with the dates. Looks like sometimes if you do nothing and just follow the instructions, the app will never go live.

It takes up to 24 hours before its available in each and every (country wise) app store. If you have waited more than that, and still have problems, contact Apple.