Automatically Adjust UIView's Height to It's Subview using AutoLayout (Storyboard)

I am using StoryBoards and Autolayout.

Below is the hierarchy:

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  • - Superview
    -- UIView (ContentView)
    --- UITextField
    --- UITextField
    --- UITextField
    --- UITextField

    The UIView(ContentView)’s is constrained to Left, Top, Right of the SuperView with the offset of 20;

    The Bottom of UIView(ContentView) is not constrained to anything.

    I would like the contentView’s height adjusted based on how many textField in it. Any thoughts how I could achieve this using AutoLayout?

    I am very new in Autolayout. Used to do all UI in code.

    Any thoughts?

    Thank you!!

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    Silly me, found the answer, I simply restrict the height of all the subviews and then constraint the most bottom of the bottom subview to the UIView/ContentView