Badge count is persisted after deleting an app and installing it again

My application has a notification section in it, and the sum of the notifications are displayed in the form of Badge Count on the app icon. When the user accesses the notifications the Badge count decreases.
Suppose the User now uninstalls the build and reinstalls it, the badge count is displayed on the app icon directly even if the user hasn’t opened the app. This displayed badge count is the same as it was when the app was uninstalled. The badge count should actually be displayed once the user has opened the app and accessed the notifications section.

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  • 3 Solutions Collect From Internet About “Badge count is persisted after deleting an app and installing it again”

    I have same issue before some days ago when I was tested app from testFlight.

    Generally this problem might be occur when you deleted the app (while it was showing some badge number), and re-installed it again. But it difficult to says that where is actual problem.

    Read what Apple’s official documentation is saying.

    Resetting the Push Notifications Permissions Alert on iOS The first
    time a push-enabled app registers for push notifications, iOS asks the
    user if they wish to receive notifications for that app. Once the user
    has responded to this alert it is not presented again unless the
    device is restored or the app has been uninstalled for at least a day.

    If you want to simulate a first-time run of your app, you can leave
    the app uninstalled for a day. You can achieve the latter without
    actually waiting a day by setting the system clock forward a day or
    more, turning the device off completely, then turning the device back

    There are some suggestion from my experience:

    • OFF your notification form settings
    • And set badge 0 at server side and then delete and reinstall your app from your device. – After installation is over then run app
    • After run app agin delete you app from device and then reset badge at server 1 and ON your notification form settings.

    Not sure but might be this will working for you. 🙂

    The badge count is maintained by the operating system, independent of the app. When an app is uninstalled (deleted), some values are retained by the operating system, including the badge count. When the app is uninstalled, no developer method or script is called. You will either have to accept this limitation, or change your app’s design to rethink and overcome this problem.

    Execute below code in didFinishLaunchingWithOptions

    if (![[NSUserDefaults standardUserDefaults] objectForKey:@"is_first_time"]) 
     [application cancelAllLocalNotifications]; 
     // Restart the Local Notifications list
     application.applicationIconBadgeNumber = 0;
     [[NSUserDefaults standardUserDefaults] setObject:[NSNumber numberWithBool:YES] forKey:@"is_first_time"];  }