Build a chat application in ios using XMPP

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Yes, XMPP library you found above is perfect to integrate chat in any iOS devices. Coming to your questions .

  1. Ideally yes, you should create your own XMPP server so that you have control over it plus there is security issue. A very popular XMPP server is ejabberd. ejabber is awesome 🙂
  2. Its not must that you need to setup your own XMPP server. You can use some open-source XMPP servers. Depending on your use-case you can decide.

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Your question is confusing because you say “create” when you probably mean “host.”

You certainly do not need to develop your own. You can set up one of many available XMPP servers, a fairly extensive list is here. There are both commercial products and open source ones.

There are also many publicly available ones that you can use. Two of the more popular today would be Google’s gtalk and Facebook chat.

Your own use case is what really determines which path you should take. For publicly available servers all the users would have to be registered with those domains to use them.