Bundle ID Suffix? What is it?

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If you don’t have a company, leave your name, it doesn’t matter as long as both bundle id in info.plist file and the one you’ve submitted in iTunes Connect match.

In Bundle ID Suffix you should write full name of bundle ID.


Bundle ID suffix = thebestapp (NOT CORRECT!!!!)

Bundle ID suffix = com.awesomeapps.thebestapp (CORRECT!!)

The reason for this is explained in the Developer Portal:

The App ID string contains two parts separated by a period (.) — an App ID Prefix (your Team ID by default, e.g. ABCDE12345), and an App ID Suffix (a Bundle ID search string, e.g. com.mycompany.appname). [emphasis added]

So in this case the suffix is the full string com.awesomeapps.thebestapp.

The bundle identifier is an ID for your application used by the system as a domain for which it can store settings and reference your application uniquely.

It is represented in reverse DNS notation and it is recommended that you use your company name and application name to create it.

An example bundle ID for an App called The Best App by a company called Awesome Apps would look like:


In this case the suffix is thebestapp.