Cannot call value of non-function type 'module<Firebase>'

i have a strange error when i was using firebase from google.

when i trying to init the Fire base setup the ref address for it using this code here

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    var FIREBASE_REF = Firebase(url: BASE_URL)

    , it shows an error:

    Cannot call value of non-function type 'module<Firebase>'

    my pod file looks like this:

    # Uncomment this line to define a global platform for your project
    # platform :ios, '9.0'
    target 'Mission Board' do
      # Comment this line if you're not using Swift and don't want to use dynamic frameworks
      pod 'Firebase', '>=2.4.2'

    Xcode 7.3.1 (7D1014)
    Firebase straight from the official site.
    Swift language.

    please anyone help ?

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    My pod file looks like this :

    platform :ios, ‘9.2’
    target 'firebaseWithChris' do
        pod 'Firebase'
        pod 'Firebase/Database'

    Xcode:in viewController.swift file in viewDidLoad method

    instead of

    var rootRef = Firebase(url:"https://<YOUR-FIREBASE-APP>")


    var rootRef = FIRDatabase.database().reference()

    This worked for me :]

    I’m also new to Firebase and run in the same problem. It seems that Firebase 3.2.0 and FirebaseDatabase 3.0.1. use different approach. The following worked for me:

    let rootRef = FIRDatabase.database().referenceFromURL(BASE_URL)
    var messageRef: FIRDatabaseReference!

    I ran into this same problem. You might be referring to some sample code for The API has been updated and is no longer referred to as “” It’s not clear what the new name is — ?

    Anyway, the link below guides you through updating your podfile to include:

    pod 'Firebase/Core'
    pod 'Firebase/Database'
    pod 'Firebase/Auth'

    remember to run

    pod update 

    and changing your code to call the new methods. It’s working for me with Xcode 7.2

    I had the same issue. So, this is what I did to resolve it. I uninstall Firebase Cocoapods. Then I installed Firebase manually.

    I used this link.
    and added the frameworks and dependencies that states on the this url.

    Note: These libraries.
    Should be .tbd

    The answer was given here.
    Xcode compile error with Firebase

    After I manually installed Firebase the error went away. If anyone knows why I would love to know myself what caused this error.

    Note: Google updated Firebase. So, maybe you look more into that.

    I had the same issue. In order to resolve it, you have to modify your podfile. I wrote in my podfile those two lines (as it was asked by firebase in its intro video:

    pod 'Firebase'
    pod 'Firebase/Database'   

    hope it will help you 🙂

    i also face the same issue . i delete the ccocoa pod and follow this link to install the firebase through cocoapod . after that i am able to solve this problem

    Step 1 :- you need CocoaPods 1.0.0 or later

    Step 2 :- Create a Firebase project in the Firebase console,

    Click Add Firebase to your iOS app and follow the setup steps. If you’re importing an existing Google project, this may happen automatically and you can just download the config here

    Step 3 :- Add the SDK

    pod ‘Firebase’

    now Initialize Firebase in your app


    Firebase is belonged to Google now. I had many updates. Please, take a look at: