Cannot change the height of Login Button in FBSDKLoginKit?

I am using FBSDKLoginKit in iOS with Swift.

Up until recently it has been working perfectly, however I now cannot override the height of my button in the Storyboard?

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  • The height of the button is now much smaller for some reason. I have tried setting height constraints for the button, putting the button in a stack view and set to fill proportionally and even override the button height in the SDK with no luck.

    If I change the button to a normal UIButton the layout constraints work perfectly.

    This is what the button looks like when I run the app.

    This is what the button looks like when I run the app.

    This is how I would like the button to look – size wise.

    This is how I would like the button to look - size wise.

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    I’ve also run into this problem. The reason for this is explained in the 4.18.0 to 4.19.0 upgrade guide:

    The FBSDKLoginButton UI has changed in 4.19.0. Instead of “Log in with Facebook”, the button now displays “Continue with Facebook”. The button color is changed to #4267B2 from #3B5998. The button height is now fixed at 28 due to use of smaller font size and paddings around a larger Facebook logo.

    The only workaround I found so far is to downgrade the SDK version to 4.18.0 (it did the job for me).

    It is possible that FB will address this issue (…that they’ve created for many people) in one of the future updates to the SDK.

    Towards a more permanent solution, we can see the specific changes that caused this, on GitHub. The change I find most suspicious starts on line 194:

    [self addConstraint:[NSLayoutConstraint constraintWithItem:self

    If the above constraint is removed/disabled, it could help reverse the situation. It should look approximately like this (I don’t have an IDE at hand at the time of writing):

    // Obtain all constraints for the button:
    let layoutConstraintsArr = fbLoginButton.constraints
    // Iterate over array and test constraints until we find the correct one:
    for lc in layoutConstraintsArr { // or attribute is NSLayoutAttributeHeight etc.
       if ( lc.constant == 28 ){
         // Then disable it... = false

    When I get a chance to test the above or if I find a better solution, I’ll update the answer.

    So I took @Dev-iL’s solution and tweaked it to something a bit more future proof. I’m very new to this so it took me a few hours to figure it out, but I thought I’d share since it specifically deactivates the height constraint based on being a height constraint instead of based on the constant value.

    I’ve used a subview classed as the Facebook button in my storyboard and have set the new constraint there.

    I prefer this method and feel its a cleaner approach.

    Note: I believe for a height constraint it will always be the first value however please correct me if I’m wrong and I’ll update with an edit. As I mentioned I’m new to this

    Edit: I decided to include the constant value of 28 to allow for my storyboard height constraint to be skipped during the removal. This isn’t needed if you add the constraint programmatically after the removal

    for const in fbLoginButton.constraints{
      if const.firstAttribute == NSLayoutAttribute.height && const.constant == 28{

    We had the same problem. We solve this problem by creating the button in code with initWithFrame method.

    from documentation

    FBSDKLoginButton has a fixed height of @c 30 pixels, but you may change the width. initWithFrame:CGRectZero
    will size the button to its minimum frame.

    this solution is working for us

    let facebookButton = FBSDKLoginButton(frame:facebookButtonPlaceholder.bounds)
    facebookButton.readPermissions = ["email"]
    facebookButton.backgroundColor = UIColor.clear
    facebookButtonPlaceholder.backgroundColor = UIColor.clear

    As for now the Facebook button has only one constraint which is the height constraint and you can just remove all constraints of the button and add yours.


    But of course this can change in the future and you might remove a constraint that you don’t want to. Maybe a better solution would be if you remove only that problematic constraint.

    if let facebookButtonHeightConstraint = facebookSignInButton.constraints.first(where: { $0.firstAttribute == .height }) {

    As a last resort, try implementing your own custom button to act as a Facebook Login button. They might be preventing the customization of the button from the SDK.
    — There is a section here with example code – “Custom Login Button”. It doesn’t seem complicated.

    You can conveniently achieve this with a simple override of the facebook button.


    class FacebookButton: FBSDKLoginButton {
        override func updateConstraints() {
            // deactivate height constraints added by the facebook sdk (we'll force our own instrinsic height)
            for contraint in constraints {
                if contraint.firstAttribute == .height, contraint.constant < standardButtonHeight {
                    // deactivate this constraint
                    contraint.isActive = false
        override var intrinsicContentSize: CGSize {
            return CGSize(width: UIViewNoIntrinsicMetric, height: standardButtonHeight)
        override func imageRect(forContentRect contentRect: CGRect) -> CGRect {
            let logoSize: CGFloat = 24.0
            let centerY = contentRect.midY
            let y: CGFloat = centerY - (logoSize / 2.0)
            return CGRect(x: y, y: y, width: logoSize, height: logoSize)
        override func titleRect(forContentRect contentRect: CGRect) -> CGRect {
            if isHidden || bounds.isEmpty {
                return .zero
            let imageRect = self.imageRect(forContentRect: contentRect)
            let titleX = imageRect.maxX
            let titleRect = CGRect(x: titleX, y: 0, width: contentRect.width - titleX - titleX, height: contentRect.height)
            return titleRect

    In this code sample standardButtonHeight is a defined constant with the desired button height.

    Also note that the logo size of 24.0 is the same size used in version 4.18 of the SDK.

    I could manage to change the height of the button this way:

    • I added a view facebookButtonView to the storyboard with the size that i want, and then in the viewDidLoad i simple do this:

      let loginButton = LoginButton(frame: self.facebookButtonView.frame, readPermissions: [ .publicProfile ])

    The Facebook button take the same size as the facebookButtonView. I tested with height 50 and it’s working.