Can't find SBJson library in XCode 4.2

I tried to include the SBJson library in my project using XCode 4.2. The basic steps I’ve tried to follow are:

  1. Drag and drop the SBJson project into my project
  2. Add sbjson-ios to Target Dependencies
  3. Add sbjson-ios.a to Link Library with Binaries

I’ve started over several times, even though Xcode definitely has issues with SBJson even appearing in the lists of available options for Target Dependencies and Link Library with Binaries. But by deleting everything and restarting xcode I can work around that part.

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  • Now the problem is that libsbjson.ios-a shows up in my “Link Library with Binaries” in red text, which I assume means that it’s missing, and when I try to build the project I get fatal ‘#import “SBJson.h”‘ errors.

    Poking around on Stackoverflow I ended up finding the actual library file over in ~/Library/Developer/DerivedData, so I copied the offending file directly into my project directory. No luck; still red text.