Can't get C++14 using XCode 7.0.1

I’m trying to use C++14 in XCode 7.0.1 and it’s not working. I’m trying to use a std::string literal and I’m getting the error:

Invalid suffix on literal; C++11 requires a space between literal and identifier.

Since this is supposed to use C++14 why am I getting this error? I tried looking all around XCode for a setting or something but I can’t find anything. I also tried looking online for answers but all the answers relate to earlier versions of XCode.

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  • Here’s a pic:
    Error Message

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    Try changing the “C++ Language Dialect” setting in your Build Settings. Right now it is probably set at C++11 but should be changed to C++14.

    enter image description here

    Should be:

    enter image description here