Can't import main swift classes into test target?

I am trying to test the classes in my iOS app. I am trying to import the target Pickle in my app that has all my classes into my testing target PickleTests by adding import Pickle to the top of my PickleTests.swift testing file, but I keep getting an error.

The error I keep receiving is: “Failed to import bridging header (path to bridging header)” (the path to the bridging header is shown in the error, not the parentheses).

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  • I have tried setting “Defines module” in my build settings for Pickle target to “Yes”, but it still doesn’t work. I have also verified in the build settings that it has the correct path to the bridging header file.

    Any ideas as to how I can set up my testing? I am on Xcode 6.3.2. Please let me know if you need any additional info.

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    Many thanks to @matt for helping me with this one!

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    As discussed on the issue seemed to be lying with having Cocoapods as part of the project. The answer near the bottom of the link that solves the issue involves clicking on your Application settings, and then clicking on your Project Info (not any of your targets’ settings). There you will see your Configurations settings: enter image description here

    You will also notice that there are two targets in the config settings, and that your Testing Target config settings will be set to none while your Main Target will be linked to the Cocoapods. The fix lies in changing that None value next to the Testing Target to the same thing that the Main Target has: enter image description here

    So now they are both linked to the Cocoapods. Making sure your main target has Defines module set to Yes in its Build Settings, build your project and the error in the testing files should go away.

    Also, after I did this fix I encountered another error where the linker was throwing an error complaining about missing a library in my testing target. This missing library was another dependency I had in my project, and I solved this error by making sure all of my dependencies that were linked in my Main Target’s Link Binary with Libraries in its Build Phases settings were copied over to the Testing Target’s Link Binary with Libraries in its Build Phases settings.

    You don’t have to do this. You can use link_with in your Podfile. In your case you would do.

    link_with 'Pickle', 'PickleTests'

    And then pod update

    FWIW, on Xcode 7, import with the annotation: @testable.

    import Pickle

    Then you’ll be able to see the classes in code completion and compiling.