Can't scale device window in iOS Simulator

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The options will only be there if your screen is not large enough to show the window at 100%.

With Xcode 9 – Pick & drag any corner of simulator to resize it and set it according to your requirement. And all user interface elements looks fine with any scale of simulator window.

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Keyboard short-keys:

According to Xcode 9

50% Scale           ⌘ 1      command + 1
100% Scale          ⌘ 2      command + 2
200% Scale          ⌘ 3      command + 3

For Xcode 9, we detect the size of your screen. If it isn’t large enough to display the window we disable the relevant scaling option.

As Krunal points out you can now drag to scale the window to whatever arbitrary size you want so this shouldn’t be a problem. (In previous releases you could only pick from pre-defined sizes; the window itself was not resizable).