Change product name macro in iOS XCode project

I built my iPhone code atop Apple’s sample project. It names the app “LazyTable” when placed on the home screen on iPhone. I would like to change this name. If I go to info.plist and manually type in a new name into the Bundle display name key, it works. But I don’t want to hardcode because the PRODUCT_NAME is used in many places.


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    So I go into Project > Edit Project Settings to change the macro. I close the window, clean, and rebuild. The app name is still stuck with “LazyTable”! How do I make this change to the macro take effect?

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    The approach you are using is correct. However, remember that each target can have their own settings that will override the project settings. Make sure the target does not override PRODUCT_NAME.

    To do this, select the project in the Xcode project browser, then select the target. Each target has it’s own build settings. Change the PRODUCT_NAME just as you would when editing the project build settings.