Changing an instance variable in a block

I am quite confused about how to change an instance variable inside of a block.

The interface file (.h):

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  • @interface TPFavoritesViewController : UIViewController {
        bool refreshing;

    The implementation:

    __weak TPFavoritesViewController *temp_self = self;
    refreshing = NO;
    [myTableView addPullToRefreshWithActionHandler:^{
        refreshing = YES;
        [temp_self refresh];

    As you might guess, I get a retain cycle warning when I try to change the refreshing ivar inside of the block. How would I do this without getting an error?

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    Your assignment to refreshing is an implicit reference to self, it is shorthand for:

    self->refreshing = YES;

    hence the cycle warning. Change it to:

    temp_self->refreshing = YES;