Check language in iOS app

Task is : I have got two UIImageViews, and I want present ImageView1 if system language is Ukrainian, and if it is not Ukrainian(English/Polish etc) I want present ImageView2.

I tried :

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  • println(NSUserDefaults.standardUserDefaults().objectForKey("AppleLanguages"))

    but this code gives only list of available languages. I also tried

    var language: AnyObject? = NSLocale.preferredLanguages().first

    but how can I compare this variable with English or Ukrainian language?

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    Swift 3
    You can take the language code like this

    let preferredLanguage = NSLocale.preferredLanguages[0]

    And then you need to compare it with code string

    if preferredLanguage == "en" {
        print("this is English")
    } else if preferredLanguage == "uk" {
        print("this is Ukrainian")

    You can find codes here

    An example to check if French …

    /// Is Device use french language 
    /// Consider, "fr-CA", "fr-FR", "fr-CH" et cetera
    /// - Returns: Bool
    static func isFrench() -> Bool {
        return NSLocale.preferredLanguages[0].range(of:"fr") != nil

    you may use the below code
    it works fine with swift 3

        if Bundle.main.preferredLocalizations.first == "en" {
            print("this is english")
           print("this not english")