Class as function parameter in Swift

In my app there are many classes for different ViewControllers.
I am searching way to give class name as function parameter so i can use it in function.


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  • func myFunc (var1: String, var2 : Int, var3 : myClass) {
     var example = myClass(); = var1;
     example.age = var2;

    i saw this thread Class conforming to protocol as function parameter in Swift but i didn’t understand how can i solve my problem with it.

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    You can do this without the need to pass an instance of your view controller:

    import Cocoa
    protocol MyViewControllerType : class {
        var name : String { get set }
        var age : Int { get set }
    class FirstViewController : NSViewController, MyViewControllerType {
        var name = ""
        var age = 0
    class SecondViewController : NSViewController, MyViewControllerType {
        var name = ""
        var age = 0
    func myFunc<VC : NSViewController where VC : MyViewControllerType>(viewControllerType: VC.Type, name: String, age: Int) -> VC {
        let viewController = VC() = name
        viewController.age = age
        return viewController
    let first = myFunc(FirstViewController.self, name: "Bob", age: 20)
    let second = myFunc(SecondViewController.self, name: "Paul", age: 30)