Cocoapods no longer builds project after update?

After updating to the latest version of cocoapods I can no longer generate the project. Uninstalling the latest version and going back to the older version doesn’t resolve the issue either.

The exact code was working fine before updating cocoapods

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  • [!] The MyApplication [App Store] target overrides the HEADER_SEARCH_PATHS build setting defined in `Pods/Target Support Files/Pods-MyApplication/ store.xcconfig’. This can lead to problems with the CocoaPods installation

    - Use the `$(inherited)` flag, or
    - Remove the build settings from the target.

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    - Remove the build settings from the target.

    Open the project in Xcode. Select the Project (not a Target). Then ensure HEADER_SEARCH_PATHS are acceptable. Now, for each Target (not Project), visit the same setting. If its BOLD, then its overridden.

    To remove the override, select the setting so its highlighted (i.e., white text with blue background) and then press COMMAND+DELETE. The bold text should go away, and the Target setting will return to inheriting from the Project setting.

    In the example below, Product Name is overriden for the Target, while Wrapper Extension is highlighted. (Neither of these apply to your problem – they just show what to look for under Xcode).

    enter image description here

    Removing this redundant part of my .xcodeproj file fixed this issue: