Color in storyboard not matching UIColor

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Xcode 8+, iOS 10+

I recently faced this problem and none of the posted answers did it. It turns out that with the release of iOS 10 SDK, the UIColor initializer init(red:green:blue:alpha:) now uses the extended sRGB range, so you have to set accordingly when configuring your color values on the Storyboard.

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See Apple’s documentation:

I had the same issue. I was seeing runtime RGB values of the colors from storyboards not matching UIColors created at runtime in code. I was able to fix this in storyboards by setting the color to be “Generic RGB” (vs the default of sRGB) when configuring it. Here is a screenshot of what I’m talking about in IB:

IB Color config util

Seems this is a bug. When logging the color set by IB in code, it has the values H:27.982594 S:0.899257 B:0.953253

I have filed a bug report to Apple: rdar://19744216

Thanks to Zaph

To log:

CGFloat cols[4];
[color getHue:&cols[0] saturation:&cols[1] brightness:&cols[2] alpha:&cols[3]];
NSLog(@"H:%f S:%f B:%f %f",cols[0]*360, cols[1], cols[2], cols[3]);

Swift 3

In my case what was exactly accurate was Color LCD:

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I hope I’ve helped 😀