Constraint to bottom layout guide with TabBar issue

I have UITabBarController based iPad app with containerView on the first tab. The containerView has standard vertical spacing to bottom layout guide. When I tap on the second tab and then go back to the first tab, my container moves down by 56 pts, the height of the tabBar and is then covered by the tabBar.

I made 3 screenshots to illustrate that. The third screenshot shows hidden tabBar after the jump between tabs. It looks like the bottom layout guide went down to the edge. What is going on here?

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    I’m not sure about what happened here, but I think that this could help:

    enter image description here

    Uncheck Under bottom bar in your UIViewController properties

    Hope that will help!

    Nicolas Bonnet’s answer of unchecking “Extend Edges Under Bottom Bar” didn’t work for me. In my case the problem seemed to be that I was setting the bottom constraint of my view equal to the Bottom Layout Guide.

    So, instead, I aligned the bottom edges of my button and the ViewController’s view as shown below.

    Select both your view to pin to the bottom and the main view:

    View Selection Image

    Then tap the Align selection menu at the bottom right of Interface Builder and select Bottom Edges:

    enter image description here