Continuous integration Xcode Server after trigger $XCS_PRODUCT not set

I had a bot that was working perfectly under Xcode 6.4. An after trigger script was automatically uploading the IPA using this path : “$XCS_OUTPUT_DIR/$XCS_PRODUCT”

However (even after redoing a bot from scratch) it appears that :

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    • $XCS_PRODUCT is Always empty.
    • $XCS_OUTPUT_DIR is pointing to a folder that does not exist because after checking out on server it appears that Xcode server is storing .ipa there : /Library/Developer/XcodeServer/IntegrationAssets/

    How to find my .ipa without this variable during my after trigger script?

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    I had the same problem and after discussion on Apple Developer Forums
    I found out that there actually is .IPA file inside


    directory and you can access it from After Trigger Script by using something like

    originalBinaryName=$(basename "${XCS_ARCHIVE%.*}".ipa)

    I have also sent a bug report, because $XCS_PRODUCT should not be empty anyway, and it would be nice to have new environment variable for the complete path of .IPA file.