Cursor is blinking in UITextField but keyboard doesn't appear

I got a simple detail view with a textfield.
In detail’s viewController I wrote this code:

- (void) viewDidAppear:(BOOL)animated{
    [self.textField becomeFirstResponder];
    NSLog(@"is textField 1st responder %d", [self.textField isFirstResponder]);

When I push the detail into a navigation controller, I see “is textField 1st responder 0” in my log.
The keyboard doesn’t appear.
But the textfield has blinking cursor.

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  • What happens in this moment? Why the keyboard doesn’t appears? I did try to catch a notification “KeyboardDidShown” in my AppDelegate but didn’t catch anything:
    enter image description here

    Here is my master view design :

    enter image description here

    Solutions Collect From Internet About “Cursor is blinking in UITextField but keyboard doesn't appear”

    Does calling reloadInputViews help?