Detect if iOS is using webapp

I was wondering if it’s possible to detect if an iOS user is using the webapp, or just visiting the normal way with safari browser.

The reason I want to achieve is that on a iOS webapp when a user click on a link, he will get redirected to the Safari browser. So I’m using the following workaround to make him stay in the webapp(prevent the switching to safari browser).

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  • $( document ).on("click",".nav ul li a",
            function( event ){
            // Stop the default behavior of the browser, which
            // is to change the URL of the page.
            // Manually change the location of the page to stay in
            // "Standalone" mode and change the URL at the same time.
            location.href = $( ).attr( "href" );

    But I want this workaround only to happen when the user is using the webapp, I want it to be conditional for webapp users. So not on the default safari browser.

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    You have to detect this by using some javascript:

    if (
        ("standalone" in window.navigator) &&       // Check if "standalone" property exists
        !window.navigator.standalone                // Test if using standalone navigator
        // .... code here ....

    As can be found here: Determine if site is open as web app or through regular safari on ipad?

    And the source used in the answer is THIS.

    iOS and Chrome WebApp behaves different, thats the reason i came to following:

    isInWebAppiOS = (window.navigator.standalone == true);
    isInWebAppChrome = (window.matchMedia('(display-mode: standalone)').matches);