Entitlements don't match Provisioning Profile (0xE8008016)

today I finally got my Company-Developer-Account. I’m working on an App, first on my private Account and today I wanted to move the App to the company account. So I created a new Bundle-Identifier on developer.apple.com and changed the Bundle-Identifier also in my Xcode-Project. Furthermore, I’ve added the Account to Xcode, changed Signing to my new Company Account and let Xcode fix the Provisioning-File-Troubles. (In Xcode I see two Team-Members from one Account, one is Agent, the other User. Maybe it’s important that I’ve choose the Agent-Team-Member. Unfortunately I can’t change because then I get the error “change to a unique bundle-id, because the bundle-id is already on the Agent-Team?^^) Running with the Simulator works fine, but when I want to test on my Phone I get the following Error: The entitlements specified in your application’s Code Signing Entitlements file are invalid, not permitted, or do not match those specified in your provisioning profile. (0xE8008016).

If I press the I next to the provisioning file, I see the following Entitlements:
enter image description here

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  • And under Entitlements I’ve just the Push-Notifications enabled. But this was like this before changing Bundle Identifier

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    I had this same problem and none of the solutions I found on stack overflow, or github worked for me.

    Here’s my solution:

    1. Select your project in the Project navigator enter image description here

    2. Select the “General” tab.

    3. To the left of the “General” tab, select your target to the left; (this should show a dropdown with a list of targets)
    4. Below your current target you should see an item {your project}Tests; select that.
      1. Check the signing properties in the general tab and make sure they are valid.

    This was the problem for me. Hope it helps.

    Try to uninstall your application from your device and then run your app on Xcode , i think that current app that was on your device signed with old account so you cannot run your new app that was assigned with new account , hope to help .

    Xcode 9 GM.
    Error appears if manual signing turned on.

    Turn on automatic code signing.
    Turn off automatic code signing.

    You need to go through all the details where your provisional profile and certificate getting set from the main page.

    E.g. In all targets – > Build settings -> Code signing identity and provisinign profile and set your correct profiles every where in the application.

    sometimes when you are selecting manual codesigning then it is not reflecting correcly in all places.