Error using component Text from ART

i’m currently using react native ART module, and everything is ok except the Text component, but the bug is only happening in iOS, in android everything seems to work as expected.

When i try to use the Text component in iOS react trows an this error:

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    And in Xcode console output’s this:

    2016-09-20 17:17:17.663 [error][tid:main][RCTConvert.m:57] Error setting property 'frame' of ARTText with tag #7: JSON value '' of type NSNull cannot be converted to NSDictionary

    Since react native ART doesn’t have documentation, it’s very possible that I’m not doing something right, but I already read the source code and nothing is working that I try.

    Additional Information:

    • React Native version:0.33.0
    • Platform: iOS
    • Operating System: macOS
    • Xcode: 8.0

    RnPlay is down so i’m gonna post the code here:

    As soon as the RNplay is up, i will update this post and put the code there.

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    Was having this error myself too, turns out that you need to provide the font property, according to this issue

    Copied from there

    <ARTText font={`13px "Helvetica Neue", "Helvetica", Arial`} fill="#000000" x={16} y={16}>Hello</ARTText>