Facebook email permission ios

very confused – have made several apps which login with Facebook – latest one doesn’t work –

in all my apps i have a FBLoginView in storyboard

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  • then in ViewDidLoad

    self.facebookLogin.readPermissions =  @[@"public_profile", @"email", @"user_friends"];
    [self.facebookLogin setDelegate:self];

    along with all the basic delegate methods – all the methods are called correctly

    however it only seems to request public_profile and not anything else – like

    2014-06-02 23:35:33.994 TheCooKPot[3997:60b] profile {
    "first_name" = Karen;
    gender = female;
    id = 1397217637233431;
    "last_name" = Shepardstein;
    link = "https://www.facebook.com/app_scoped_user_id/1397217637233431/";
    locale = "en_GB";
    "middle_name" = Amhcefbdegja;
    name = "Karen Amhcefbdegja Shepardstein";
    timezone = 1;
    "updated_time" = "2014-06-02T22:34:00+0000";
    verified = 0;


    unlike all my other apps which get an email address

    any ideas?? have set my apps up identically in Facebook and configured the same in plist

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    I guess you’re using the Graph API v2.0, and your app was registered after April 30th 2014. Then, if you want to use more than the basic_profile permission, you need to get you app reviewed by Facebook.

    Have a look here https://developers.facebook.com/docs/apps/review/login for a description of the process.