Facebook SDK didLoad:result = null

I have a Facebook singleton and request this to get a profile picture:

[[[FacebookScorer sharedInstance] facebook] requestWithGraphPath:@"me/picture?type=normal" andDelegate:self];

Now in facebooks delegate method didLoadRawResponce I actually receive the profile picture and can display, but in the didLoad:(id)result method the result is null!

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  • I believe the didLoad method is called once the result has been parsed, so why do I not get anything back from it?

    The reason I need to use didLoad, is I can ask it if the result isKindOfClass to see what it is, whereas didLoadRawResponce is also called when I logout, so how can I check what the data is?

    I have figured out how to differentiate between FBRequests, so this isn’t such a great problem anymore, however I still can’t understand why didLoad is being called but without any result.
    Even using this gives triggers the slog, but with null

    if (request == _profilePicRequest) {

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    This can be solved by getting the data from the request:

    - (void)request:(FBRequest *)request didLoad:(id)result{
    result = request.responseText;
    if ([result isKindOfClass:[NSData class]])
    if ([result isKindOfClass:[NSDictionary class]])

    Not the most elegant solution, and I still don’t know why the result is nil. But it works.

    Hope this helps!