Fastlane Appfile in GIT? How to retrieve current apple_id?

I setup Fastlane for the build automation for my XCode project. At least the Fastfile (containing the build options) should be in GIT, but I would also be happy to have the Appfile (Team Identifiers) also in GIT. The main issue: The Appfile should contain the apple id of me. Sample:

apple_id "" # Your Apple email address

# Default team ID
team_id "AUE7D4LRRX"

for_platform :ios do
 for_lane :production do
    team_id '-' #reset team id

Is it somehow possible to dynamically retrieve the apple id from the apple/xcode preferences? In this current solution I would not be able to add this Appfile to GIT since every developer would have it’s own version of that file… with a different apple id of course!

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    You can easily set the apple id using an environment variable


    apple_id ENV["APPLE_ID"]

    and then run fastlane using

    APPLE_ID="" fastlane beta

    or similar