Find UILabel in UIView in Swift

I’m trying to find my UILabels in my superview of my UIViewControllers.
This is my code:

func watch(startTime:String, endTime:String) {
    if superview == nil {println("NightWatcher: No viewcontroller specified");return}



func listSubviewsOfView(view: UIView) {
    var subviews = view.subviews

    if (subviews.count == 0) { return }

    view.backgroundColor = UIColor.blackColor()

    for subview in subviews {
        if subview.isKindOfClass(UILabel) {
            // do something with label..
        self.listSubviewsOfView(subview as UIView)

This is how it is recommended to in Objective-C, but in Swift I get nothing but UIViews and CALayer. I definitely have UILabels in the view that is supplied to this method. What am I missing?

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  • The call in my UIViewController:

      NightWatcher(view: self.view).watch("21:00", endTime: "08:30") // still working on

    2 Solutions Collect From Internet About “Find UILabel in UIView in Swift”

    Using functional programming concepts you can achieve this much easier.

    let labels = self.view.subviews.flatMap { $0 as? UILabel }
    for label in labels {
    //Do something with label

    Here’s a version that will return an Array of all the UILabel views in whatever view you pass in:

    func getLabelsInView(view: UIView) -> [UILabel] {
        var results = [UILabel]()
        for subview in view.subviews as [UIView] {
            if let labelView = subview as? UILabel {
                results += [labelView]
            } else {
                results += getLabelsInView(view: subview)
        return results

    Then you can iterate over them to do whatever you’d like:

    override func viewDidLoad() {
        let labels = getLabelsInView(self.view)
        for label in labels {