GCM registration is not ready with auth credentials in ios9

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I had the same issue, after signing the app using a production certificate.

And the steps to make it work again are (this worked on 9.2 and 9.3 devices):

  1. Put back kGGLInstanceIDAPNSServerTypeSandboxOption:@YES (production needs this to be NO)
  2. Under “build settings/Code Signing/Code signing identity” use the iPhone Distribution linked the GCM project (com.xxxx.yyy) and for Provisioning Profile, change back from Automatic to iOS Team Provisioning Profile:com.xxxx.yyy

Build, run, and wait a few minutes. For one of the tests, it took 15 minutes to register.

i had the same problem and as I understand, there are multiple possible reasons. But here is one that I have not found documented yet. And it is a nasty one.

To test a feature of our software, we were advancing our devices clocks. And we learned the hard way:

If your devices clock is off by too much, you will get “com.google.gcm error 501” form the GCM farmework.