get facebook user email and user first/last name with Phonegap FB Plugin for IOS app

Working on my first phonegap ios app.
Trying to incorporate this plugin

Basically I just need to alert the users email and first/last name, although I’m a bit stuck on how to do so using this plugin.

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  • What I wanted to do was retrieve that information, then pre populate some forms to create a new user to use with Parse.

    I’m able to get a response from this function that displays a status and an authResponse with tokens and the user ID:

               var login = function () {
                if (!window.cordova) {
                    var appId = prompt("Enter FB Application ID", "");
                facebookConnectPlugin.login( ["email"], 
                    function (response) { alert(JSON.stringify(response)) },
                    function (response) { alert(JSON.stringify(response)) });

    I’m just unsure in terms of next steps on how to go about retrieving the users email and first/lastname..and whther or not I have to dig deeper into facebooks API.

    any help is appreciated.

    * UPDATED *

    Figured it out. I was missing a step that i found over at the facebook api page

             var login = function() {
             if (!window.cordova) {
             facebookConnectPlugin.login(["email"], function(response) {
                 if (response.authResponse) {
                     facebookConnectPlugin.api('/me', null,
                         function(response) {
                             alert('Good to see you, ' +
                        + + '.');

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