Good resources for learning Objective-C

I have developed for a number of years in Java, primarily for Linux and Windows. During my undergrad and grad school times, I also did quite a bit in C and C++. I have recently (in the last year and a half) started using primarily Apple computers at home, and am interested in exploring their Xcode development environment. I am interested in learning how to use the Cocoa interface, etc. However, I know nothing (or next to nothing) about Objective-C. I am aware it is a pure superset of C, however I am interested in some resources for learning it.

In the past, to teach myself concepts of Swing for Java, I have used O’Reilly books, such as the Swing Bible, Java Swing by Marc Loy et. al. Is there a similar book for Objective-C, or a book that is really good to learn from? I would prefer if it was fairly technical, had examples, etc. Has anyone else attempted to learn Objective-C this way? Are there any specific things I should look at?

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  • Just to note, yes I do have K&R, I have read it too many times to count, and I am aware of C syntax. It has been a while, but I do remember large amounts of it. 🙂 I did see this question, but I did not see any particular resources mentioned, simply some general statements about learning.


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    • Concepts in Objective-C Programming and Cocoa Core Compentencies – Apple’s official basic documentation for the language and the Cocoa framework.
    • Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X – The definitive book for Cocoa newcomers. It’s actually focused on the Cocoa frameworks more than Objective-C, but still invaluable.
    • Programming in Objective-C 2.0 – Focuses on Objective-C itself more than Cocoa; may have more basic information than an experienced programmer would need, but covers plenty of good stuff.
    • The “Language” part of Matt Neuberg’s Programming iOS 6 covers Objective-C itself in detail.
    • CocoaDevCentral – Excellent tutorials. Start with the “Learn …” and “Objective-C Style” tutorials.
    • Stanford’s free CS193E and CS193P courses
    • – A large list of resources (books, website, and code) about Cocoa/Objective-C.
    • HyperJeff’s Cocoa Literature List – A huge compendium of useful information, etc.
    • Cocoa With Love – An excellent blog with specific, useful snippets and in-depth explanation.
    • Cocoa Is My Girlfriend – A fun and useful blog (usually) about Cocoa.
    • Best Practices for Cocoa Programmers (by Aaron Hillegass) – A bit dated, but contains some nuggets and guidelines for understanding and following Objective-C/Cocoa conventions
    • wiki – Especially good for specific questions about a specific class or task. (Undergoing updates.)