Hide dots from UIPageViewController

I would like to do to a pretty simple thing. Just remove all the dots, and the bar on the bottom of the UIPageViewController.

This is the setup: I have a custom view controller which has UIPageViewController *pageController
I display it like this:

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  • self.pageController = [[UIPageViewController alloc] initWithTransitionStyle:UIPageViewControllerTransitionStyleScroll navigationOrientation:UIPageViewControllerNavigationOrientationHorizontal options:nil];
    self.pageController.dataSource = self;
    [[self.pageController view] setFrame:[self.view bounds]];
    BSItemPageViewController *initialViewController = [self viewControllerAtIndex:selectedIndex];
    NSArray *viewControllers = [NSArray arrayWithObject:initialViewController];
    [self.pageController setViewControllers:viewControllers direction:UIPageViewControllerNavigationDirectionForward animated:NO completion:nil];
    [self addChildViewController:self.pageController];
    [[self view] addSubview:[self.pageController view]];
    [self.pageController didMoveToParentViewController:self];

    Any ideas on how do I remove the dots?

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    The page control is only displayed if the datasource implements these methods:


    Simply remove your implementation of these, and the page control will not be displayed. From the datasource docs:

    If both of the methods in “Supporting a Page Indicator” are implemented and the page view controller’s transition style is UIPageViewControllerTransitionStyleScroll, a page indicator is visible.

    In my situation I have multiple UIPageViewControllers (created from -[UITableView didSelectRowAtIndexPath]), some of which contain only 1 page. Instead of using different controllers for different UITableView rows, I implemented the UIPageViewController delegate method as follows:

    - (NSInteger)presentationCountForPageViewController:(UIPageViewController *)pageViewController {
        return ([self numberOfPages] == 1 ? 0 : [self numberOfPages]);

    This returns 0 if there is only 1 page which seems to make UIPageViewController not show the dots. It’s a kludge but it appears to work (iOS SDK 7.0).

    I suppose a “cleaner” way would be to remove the methods at runtime for those UIPageControllers having only 1 page, but this would involve some fancy objC runtime manipulation.

    Comments on this approach?

    If you want to hide those dots dynamically at runtime, then return -1 from the presentationIndexForPageViewController delegate:

    func presentationCountForPageViewController(pageViewController: UIPageViewController) -> Int {
        return yourPageVCs.count
    func presentationIndexForPageViewController(pageViewController: UIPageViewController) -> Int {
        return yourPageVCs.count > 1 ? 0 : -1

    In this case if you have only 1 (single sided) page, dots will be hidden.

    The above fixes works fine with fixed number of pages at the beginning.

    I tried different approaches to solve the problem when pages can be increased or decreased dynamically.

    So I used below method which will manually hide the component itself.

    func togglePageControl(pageCount: Int, threshold: Int = 1) {
        var hidden = true
        if pageCount > threshold {
            hidden = false
        for subView in self.view.subviews {
            if subView is UIScrollView {
                subView.frame = self.view.bounds
            } else if subView is UIPageControl {
                subView.isHidden = hidden

    And this should be called from

    public func presentationCount(for pageViewController: UIPageViewController) -> Int {
        togglePageControl(pageCount: pages.count)
        // or togglePageControl(pageCount: pages.count, threshold: 5)
        return pages.count