Hide password with “•••••••” in a textField

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You can achieve this directly in Xcode:

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The very last checkbox, make sure secure is checked .

Or you can do it using code:

Identifies whether the text object should hide the text being entered.


optional var secureTextEntry: Bool { get set }


This property is set to false by default. Setting this property to true creates a password-style text object, which hides the text being entered.


texfield.secureTextEntry = true

in Swift 3.0 or Later

passwordTextField.isSecureTextEntry = true

In XCode 6.3.1, if you use a NSTextField you will not see the checkbox for secure.

Instead of using NSTextField use NSSecureTextField


I’m guessing this is a Swift/Objective-C change since there is now a class for secure text fields. In the above link it says Available in OS X v10.0 and later. If you know more about when/why/what versions of Swift/Objective-C, XCode, or OS X this

in swift 4 and xCode Version 9.+

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