How can I move files & folders using git in Xcode 4?

I’m familiar with the differences between groups and actual directories in Xcode. I always create an actual folder in finder and drag it into the project, ensuring ‘copy’ is un-checked.

When I move folders, I delete the items by reference only, move them in finder, then re-add them.

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  • Now I’m using git for the first time, and discovered in my testing that if I remove a directory using the method described above, I can’t do a commit. Xcode tells me it can’t switch to the directory because ‘no such file or directory.’ From what I’ve found online, git isn’t notified of the directory changes when done in Xcode.

    How can I move files & folders using git in Xcode 4 and have the compiler and git be aware of the moves so I can commit?

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    You shall not move files in a GIT repository using the Finder. You’d better use the move command from shell.

    You then have to manually redresh links in XCode (or remove/add files again).

    Moving a file is similar to the unix ‘mv’ command, with the ‘git prefix:

    git mv path destination

    (use -f to override destination… with caution)

    After you have made all your changes in the Finder, open a terminal window and navigate to your project’s directory:

    cd path/to/project

    then run this command:

    git add --all

    This command will stage all of the changes and Xcode should be able to resume its management of the repository from here.