How do I type using my keyboard on the iphone simulator?

I used to be able to type with my real mac keyboard after launching the iPhone Simulator. Typing with the on-screen simulator keyboard is just horrible when testing with large amounts of text.

No matter what I do, I can’t get my keyboard to type anymore inside the simulator. Even if I have “Simulate Hardware Keyboard” switched ON, it just won’t type anything. Can someone please tell me what I’m doing wrong? Is there no way to type using the real keyboard anymore?

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    Try trashing the iPhone Simulator preferences file. When my iPhone Simulator stopped responding to keystrokes, this fixed it.

    1. Quit the simulator.
    2. Go to finder and press (command+shift+G) then navigate ~/Library/Preferences.
    3. Move to the trash.
    4. Try launching your iPhone app in the simulator again.

    Deleting did not help me under Xcode 6.0.1.
    Probably, it worked in old Xcode.

    But, what works perfectly for me under Xcode 6.0.1, it is new hot Keys in iOS Simulator:

    Shift-Command-K   Connect/Disconnect Hardware Keyboard
    Command-K         Toggle (Show/Hide) Software Keyboard

    And, you know, I really suffered for last 2 months, until found it, and it is very convenient now))

    Don’t trash the iPhone simulator preference files. There’s no need to do this.

    Look in the simulator’s menu Hardware ➔ Keyboard. The menu options are:

    1. iOS Uses Same Layout as OS X
    2. Connect Hardware Keyboard ⇧⌘K
    3. Toggle Software Keyboard ⌘K

    Ensure option 2 is checked.

    If it’s already checked, uncheck it then check it again (you’ll probably want to learn the keyboard shortcuts).

    If you find that this hides the on screen keyboard, but you also want this to show, use option 3 to toggle it back on.

    If rotating the simulator seems to stop the keyboard working, toggle option two off then back on – this seems to resolve it.

    I am using iOS Simulator Version 7.0. While the simulator was running I went to iOS Simulator->Reset Contents and Settings… and reset the simulator from there. That seemed to have done the trick for me. Hope that helps.

    This is because you have used changing the orientation of simulator using keyboard shortcuts. Just press cmd on the mac keyboard then start typing.

    All I needed to do was quit the simulator and launch it again

    Removing worked for me too, but I had to locate it inside the hidden folder /Users/[yourusername]/Library/Preferences/


    You don’t need to quit the keyboard.

    Try Hardware->Keyboard->Connect Hardware Keyboard directly

    I encountered the same problem and tried a lot of different ways which worked mostly but never for sure. Ultimately, I found this.

    If you are developing a React Native app and you cannot refresh (⌘R) or enable remote debugging (⌘D) from the iOS simulator, while other keyboard inputs work, make sure you are running a debug build configuration. You can check this with:

    Product -> Scheme -> Edit Scheme -> Run -> Info -> Build Configuration -> Debug"

    I got this tip from here.