How do you change the app store's large icon on iTunes connect?

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Yes, editing of large icons that are already in use by iTunes Connect is locked, but however, You can still register a new update to Your app, in which You can upload Your new 1024*1024 icon

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I think, no need to upload a new build.
Sorry, it’s in French, but I think you get it. You need to scroll a little bit but there you can upload an image file. Best is PNG and size 1024×1024.

I found out that you can change the large app icon if your app is not on sale yet – but the place to change it is well hidden. on the app in itunes connect on “view details” on “edit” button next to Version Information at the top of the page
4.scroll all the way down
5.change icon

I was confused, because I used to know the “upload icon” field from my iOS app, but did not see the field when I wanted to submit my Mac OS X desktop app.

The answer above indicates that you can upload an icon only for updates, which is true for iOS apps, but for Mac OS X apps, you can never upload a separate icon file, instead the 512 icon is uploaded together with your binary bundle:

“Note: You will not be asked to provide a large icon when adding your
Mac OS X app because it will be uploaded later as part of the binary.”

from p56 of

To change the icon from one app-version to the next, after adding the new version to prepare for submission:

  • Delete the previous icon by clicking the red (-) on the icon
  • Save changes
  • Refresh page, and you can choose file to add

Don’t know why but after we delete the icon the link “Choose file” appears to be hidden, but if we save and then reload the page it shows up.
Hope it helps