How do you remove links from UIWebView?

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In the <head> of the html, you can put:

<meta name="format-detection" content="telephone=no">

Safari HTML Reference:

By default, Safari on iOS detects any string formatted like a phone
number and makes it a link that calls the number. Specifying
telephone=no disables this feature.

Or to unset this detection from a web view programatically using the dataDetectorTypes mask:

webView.dataDetectorTypes &= ~UIDataDetectorTypePhoneNumber;

Have you tried to change the dataDetectorTypes value ?

You can use this property to specify the types of data (phone numbers, http links, email address, and so on) that should be automatically converted to clickable URLs in the web view. When clicked, the web view opens the application responsible for handling the URL type and passes it the URL.

See more details here: