How make the splash screen last longer in a xCode project?

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You should no delay the splash screen, since it’s not splash screen. it’s place holder for the app while is it loading.

If you read the Apple HIG you will read that delaying it is not allowed.

If you think that following these guidelines will result in a plain,
boring launch image, you’re right. Remember, the launch image is not
meant to provide an opportunity for artistic expression; it is solely
intended to enhance the user’s perception of your app as quick to
launch and immediately ready for use.

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You don’t need the splashscreen to last longer. You need to make a UIViewController which shows the splashscreen a little longer. You can also show the user what your app is doing (the loading stuff) then, which fits better in the Apple way of thinking.

Render same loading screen from code at launch till ur loading completes.