How to build an iOS like settings module?

I am really new to iPhone development. Currentlly I am setting up an option module for my application. The user should be able to edit some preferences.

My first approach was to have some text fields. But I really like how iOS handles editing preferences. There is some kind of label. Clicking on that label opens another view with a field for editing. I hope you understand what I mean.

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  • How does iOS achieve this? Is that table view?

    I mean this kind of design

    enter image description here

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    InAppSettingsKit as already recommended by @hennes is used for extending functionality that is already available.

    If you add a Settings.bundle to your app then if it is correctly installed it will automatically show up in the provided by Apple.

    IF you want it just in your app, just use a tableView set to Group style. There are a lot of tutorials on TableViews

    You might want to try InAppSettingsKit.

    There is another option, you can use BaseKit (I’m the author)

    Source repo
    Example of settings