How to change subversion settings in xcode?

I’ve had subversion running in Xcode for a while. The integration of subversion has always hung by a thread. However my subversion server has changed its ip address … and my xcode project still tries to look up the source on the old ip.

I have changed the ip of the subversion server via the SCM menu in xcode … however these changes don’t seem to effect the project.

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    It’s not Xcode, it’s svn itself that still looks to the old reposotory. Try firing up a terminal, and cd’ing into the project directory. There use the switch svn command:

    svn switch NewURL

    then refresh or close/open the Xcode project.

    I’ve run into a similar issue when relocating a Subversion repository would be completely ignored by XCode.

    Here’s a list of steps I’ve taken in order to force Xcode to update the repository path in my project:

    1. Open up Terminal and go to your XCode project directory:

      $ cd /path/to/your/project

    2. Switch the Subversion working copy to the new URL (in the example below I also changed the SVN protocol but this is irrelevant):

      $ svn switch –relocate svn://old_path svn+ssh://new_path

    3. Fire up XCode, close your project’s window and open up Organizer (⇧⌘2)

    4. Go to the Projects tab, locate your project in the list on the left, right-click it and click Remove from Organizer…
    5. Close XCode and open up your .xcodeproj XCode project file again.

    You should now see an updated SVN path under the Location heading under Source Control in the File inspector (the Utilities panel).

    If you go to Organizer, you should also see the project back in its place under the Projects tab and a new item under the Repositories tab.

    The environment I’ve tested this solution in: Mac OS X Mountain Lion + XCode 4.4.1

    You need to use the –relocate option for the svn switch command if you are just changing hostnames or ip addresses.

    So, something like this:

    svn sw –relocate svn://brian@ svn://brian@

    Try creating a new SCM repository and setting your project to the new one, and if that works, you can safely delete the old one.

    I had similar problems when the dns name for my svn server changed (but keeping the same IP)

    svn sw –relocate worked for me (from terminal on a mac). After the change, go to “Refresh entire project” from the SCM menu in xcode.

    Good idea to do an svn info first though to check your repo URL. On my first attempt I entered the wrong FROM URL and the svn sw –relocate just does nothing, with no error reported.

    The confusing thing in xcode was the the SCM – repositories browser worked fine after I updated the svn settings in xcode preferences, but my project was not fixed until after the –relocate business.