How to check iOS app size before upload

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In Xcode 4: Once your app is ready for distribution, archive the app. In the Organizer, select the Archives tab. Select your app in the left hand column. Select the latest archive in the right hand column. Hit the Share… button in the top section. Save the file as an .ipa. Check file size in the Finder.

This question is quite old, but IMO still relevant. Here is a recent message I received from Apple when I uploaded an app for review:

The app binary listed below was 79.7 MB when you submitted it, but will be 132.2 MB once processed for the App Store. This exceeds the cellular network download size limit and would require your app to be downloaded over Wi-Fi.

There is no way to know this ‘once processed for the App Store‘ size until you’ve submitted your app.

There is a feature within the Organizer/Archives view that allows you to estimate your final app size. I have found this estimate is inaccurate. Here is the button you’re looking for if you want to see this estimate:

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So what I have learned is that the “processed for the App Store” part above will mean your .ipa file is not an accurate measure of the final app size users will download. The Organizer/Archives estimation is incorrect, it seems the estimation is higher than the actual size, for example an archive sent for review was estimated at ~109 MB, the final app size in the store was ~90 MB and the .ipa filesize was ~47 MB.

Why is the final size larger than the .ipa?

I’d also like to know the answer to this, from what I understand it’s related to DRM things that Apple adds to the .ipa.

UPDATE (June 2015)

The latest version of Xcode does not have the ‘Estimated App Store Size’ option within the ‘Organizer’ view.

In the current version of XCode (4.5 as of writing) you just have to click Product > Archive. The Archives tab of the Organiser will open and the estimated size in the app store is just displayed in one of the information fields when the archive is selected.

You have to Build & Archive your application, and then you can check the size of you IPA file.

IPA archive (IPhone App) is the file which is downloaded by users from the App Store

You can do this through iTunes connect:

  1. Choose your app within iTunes connect
  2. Select “Activity”
  3. Select “All Build” on the left pane
  4. Choose the build and look for “Compressed File Size”

Build the application, get the .app file in your products folder, Reveal in finder and select the app and right click, choose “Get Info” to see the size of the application.

With Xcode 8, since the estimate size button disappeared, one way to get a very close estimation (in my case the AppStore version is exactly + 2mb) is :

  • Archive your application
  • Export your application for “iOS App Store Deployment”
  • Extract the generated IPA (fast way, rename it to zip and double click)
  • Go to the .app (Payload/YOUR_APPLICATION)
  • Compress it (zip it with default finder action)

Et voilà 🙂