How to dynamically share data between MyAppUITests and the MyApp target?

Within MyAppUITests I can pass some parameters to MyApp in following way:

app.launchEnvironment = ["my_param": "value"]

This is visible for MyApp and I can read this:

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  • if let value = NSProcessInfo.processInfo().environment["my_param"] {
       //do sth with value

    But this is how I can set it up BEFORE I launch the app. For some reason, I need to change "my_param" on runtime AFTER I launch the app. Any suggestions? I would appreciate any help.

    Why do I need to do it for?

    I need "my_param" to be able to change within MyAppUITests after I launch the app. "my_param" needs to be visible for MyApp in whatever place within MyApp. my_param might be mock response for my network client or whatever I need for that time.


    Similar functionality is between App and its extension. There is solution with App Group and shared NSUserDefaults. What is here? Do I have to save it on device to share sth to another target?


    App Group doesn’t work here.