How To Get Account Name From Contact Framework

We know that contacts in iOS can be synced from Google, iCloud and Phone. Well, we can fetch a bunch of Contacts using Contacts.framework, but I want to know which account it belongs to.

I mean, I need to differentiate Email and Phone synced contacts. Is there any way to do so?

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  • I am using contact framework. I am getting identifier by using CNContainer, but how to get account name in which contacts are stored and also how fetch that contact’s from that account?

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    Can you please try fetching All container’s and then you can Group those contacts according to the container name

       CNContactStore *store = [[CNContactStore alloc] init];    
       [store requestAccessForEntityType:CNEntityTypeContacts completionHandler:^(BOOL granted, NSError * _Nullable error) {
      if (granted == YES)
            NSArray * contactContainerArray =  [store containersMatchingPredicate:nil error:nil];
            for(CNContainer * container in contactContainerArray) {
                NSLog(@"Container name == %@ ",;
                NSPredicate *predicate = [CNContact predicateForContactsInContainerWithIdentifier:container.identifier];
                NSError *error;
                NSArray *cnContacts = [store unifiedContactsMatchingPredicate:predicate keysToFetch:keys error:&error];
                if (error)
                    NSLog(@"error fetching contacts %@", error);
                    for (CNContact *contact in cnContacts) {
                        NSMutableArray *contactNumbersArray = [[NSMutableArray alloc]init];
                        //  contact.givenName;
                        // contact.familyName;
                        for (CNLabeledValue *label in contact.phoneNumbers) {
                           // [label.value stringValue]; Phone Number