How to get bundle ID?

I am working on getting the facebook API working for iOS, and the FB registration page requires the Bundle ID of the project. How can I get this information? I read something about getting it at run time, but is there a way to get Xcode to tell me this information, or is it held in a plist somewhere. I am not using the default bundle id, I remember setting it while I created the project.

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    For those using Xcode >=7: select your target and click the General tab. Bundle Identifier is found under Identity.

    In Xcode 4, select your project, then your target (you should have only one) and then the ‘Info’ tab. You should be able to see the bundle identifier there.

    If you are trying to get it programmatically , you can use below line of code :

    objective C

    NSString *bundleIdentifier = [[NSBundle mainBundle] bundleIdentifier];

    Swift 3.0 :

           let bundleIdentifier =  Bundle.main.bundleIdentifier

    It will work for both iOS and Mac apps
    Good luck..

    You can find out and change from supporting file=> info.plist => Bundle identifier

    It is generally DNS form ex. com.companyname.appname

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    If you’re build a library, this may be problematic – it’s applications that have a bundle ID. However, your can probably query this programatically using [NSBundle mainBundle] and then [NSBundle bundleIdentifier]