How to make Notification Center Widgets (iOS 5)

iOS 5 introduced Notification Center Widgets and I would like to experiment with those widgets and make custom ones (with a Jailbroken device). I couldn’t quite figure out how to make such a widget. The Widgets (WeeApps) are bundles stored in /System/Library/WeeAppPlugins. It would be great if anyone has already writren a guide or could share how the principal class of a WeeApp has to look like. Ideal would be to have a WeeApp NIC template for theos 🙂

Note: This question is regarding so called WeeApps, system plugins for Notification Center introduced in iOS 5. Not to be confused with Today View Extensions introduced in iOS 8.

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    I don’t want to shameless-plug in here, but I wrote a small tutorial to help you with this.

    How to write Notification Center Widgets for iOS (iOS 6 and Below)

    Hope it helps you!


    Please note this is for iOS widgets running iOS 6 and below – In other words, this is for old jailbreak development. I may write an iOS 8 tutorial eventually, but this one is not it.

    OK i think i have found a good way to understand it, a sample widget with full source code available on github: But whats most helpful is this tutorial and the NIC template for theos mentioned in the tutorial, I already made several widgets using this method and my custom NIC templates.