How to recreate a Pulse-like UI?

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use Ray Wenderlich tutorial about THIS topic


The Ray Wenderlich pulse tutorial does have an issue where if the horizontal table view has not been scrolled (or its first element is aligned with the left of the screen) you can’t drag right and have the content pull that way and then bounce back. This makes the scrolling experience feel pretty bad.

The simple solution though is to put the horizontal table view inside a scroll view and then everything just works.

It looks like a UITableView with rows that are composed of UIImageViews. Its got a nice touch where you can scroll horizontally within a row, like with Twitter’s app. That’s most likely done with a UIScrollView (scroll bars removed, with end bounce). Peter Boctor wrote a web blog post on how to do something similar, if I recall.

It’s a UITableView with each row containing a UITableView that is rotated by 90°. The cells for the UITableView in each row are custom views that are likely either subclasses of UIImageView or just plain UIView.